DataLink Connect Test Scoring & Reporting Software

Free Software Just For Your Apperson Scanner

Unites data with your Windows- or Mac-based computer, enhance data scoring, analysis and reporting. Release data to popular gradebooks, Microsoft Excel, or a district or institution database. DataLink Connect is included with every DataLink scanner – at no additional cost.

Download Connect for PC or Mac

Explore Connect’s Robust Feature Set

Apperson’s DataLink Connect converts pencil marks into pixels … and then into powerful data.


Select standards by state and subject to align your test questions, or add custom standards and learning outcomes – then generate student proficiency reports.


Instantly view appropriate reports such as Item Analysis, Class Roster, Student Proficiency, Class Proficiency, Non-Proficient Students by Group or Standard, and several more.


Define sub-groups and sub-tests for reports, or assign weighted scores by test question, for even more advanced reporting.


Transfer results to a wide variety of popular gradebooks, student information and learning management systems or programs such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis.


Create electronic answer keys for future download to scanners and to share with other instructors.

Compatible Gradebooks

Below is a complete listing of the gradebooks our DataLink scanners are compatible with. If you do not see your gradebook listed here, please feel free to contact us as we will gladly discuss the option of developing an additional partnership with your gradebook.

  • Blackboard
  • Class Mate Gradebook
  • Curriculum Associates – CTAP
  • Easy Grade Pro
  • EnGrade
  • eSembler
  • Excelsior
  • Gradekeeper
  • GradeSpeed
  • InteGrade Pro
  • Jackson GradeQuick
  • JupiterGrades
  • LimeLight/LearningStation
  • LXR
  • MicroGrade
  • NeoGov
  • People’s Education Measuring Up e-Path
  • Pinnacle
  • PowerTeacher
  • ProgressBook
  • Sakai Gradebook2
  • SchoolLoop
  • SchoolMaster
  • Skyward

Custom Standards and Learning Outcomes Editor

DataLink Connect’s counterpart that allows you to input your school or district’s custom learning objectives or standards. Link your custom standards to DataLink Connect then run reports and gather valuable information on your institution’s educational practice in order to improve students’ learning.

Download the Learning Outcomes Editor