The ACT and SAT are stressful exams for high school students. No exam can truly tell a future institution all aspects of each student. They do, however, help colleges and universities ensure their newest classes are well rounded and prepared to succeed in their future.  Preparing students for the nationwide exams is important for teachers in helping their students succeed not only for getting them into their top schools but also with how they will handle the rigors of higher education testing.

One way to help students prepare for these exams is to have them practice the exam in short segments. By dividing the long format test into the timed segments, students can learn techniques in how to conquer the exam on test day.

Some techniques include:

  • Focusing on the segment at hand
  • Assess questions in a timely manner
  • Form strategies for each segment
  • Staying calm

Teachers and assessment coordinators can also learn valuable information from having students tackle the exam in sections as well. This includes:

  • How students as a class are performing on each segment
  • Which students are grasping the concepts
  • Students that are struggling with the exam format
  • Insight on how to adjust their curriculum

With this information at hand, teachers and schools can form a plan to help each student and class perform at their best-come test day. For data available at your fingertips, Apperson has developed a unique downloadable program to assist teachers with the ACT and SAT. Apperson’s DataLink ACT/SAT is available now in a special bundle offer.

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