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With knowledge comes power, and the Apperson Advantage Program is a complete assessment hardware and software solution, providing insight to student performance while reducing assessment and reporting exertion.







DataLink 1200 Test Scanner – Scan up to 35 answer sheets per minute on tests of up to 200 questions and review printed or digital results as soon as you’re done. Three pounds in weight. Ideal for the needs of one or several classrooms. Maintenance included.

12 Packs of DataLink Answer Sheets – Our answer sheets are specifically designed to work with DataLink test scanners, delivering accurate results on everything from pop quizzes to final exams. Also compatible with essay style and open-ended response test questions.

DataLink Connect Software – Convert pencil marks into pixels, and then into powerful data. The software enhances scoring and analysis so that you can organize results into actionable insights for the greater good of your classroom. Easily syncs with popular grade books, Microsoft Excel or a district or institution database.

Advantage is everything you need for scanning, analysis & reporting in one convenient bundle.  Experience the benefits of our most popular scanner, easy-to-use reporting software and answer sheets in a package bundle for just $650 per year.