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Maximize student success and simplify educator workflow with Apperson’s cutting edge assessment tools and software solutions that address the needs of the Whole Child.

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Apperson provides the clarity to businesses and organizations looking to better understand customers, employees and prospects to energize their bottom line.

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Apperson delivers for those with high-capacity demands with a suite of efficient, reliable products with the expertise needed to optimize performance.

Service Divisions for Schools, Orgs & Businesses

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K12 Education

for Classrooms, Schools & Districts

By focusing on the Whole Child, Apperson’s K-12 assessment solutions promote the entire student’s development and well-being… academic, emotional and social.

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Higher Education

for Colleges & Universities

Flexibility. Scalability. Customization. Whatever your needs, Apperson has the know-how to efficiently turn your data into actionable information to better inform educators.

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Survey Services

for Businesses & Organizations

Drive decision making with survey and data capture solutions. Reinforce your efforts with precision printing and distribution along with accurate and speedy data collection.

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