Worldwide Distribution

Apperson DataLink™ products are distributed worldwide and our rapidly expanding distribution network covers many countries in the Americas, Australia, South Pacific, the Middle East and Asia. Distribution opportunities are available in many other countries. We invite you to partner with us on our expansion.

Desktop Scanners

Working your way at your speed. Providing big data for the instructor with less scanning volume.

DataLink™ 600 FC

The three-pound manual hand-feed DataLink 600FC scans two types of answer sheets. (Datalink600 & Scantron¹ 888P+ or Score scanner)

  • Price: $1295 (excluding shipping/taxes)

DataLink™ 1200

The three pound manual hand-free, DataLink™ 1200, scans on any classroom table, providing digital or printed result from paper tests, anytime.

  • Price: $1295 (excluding shipping/taxes)

DataLink™ 3000

The auto-feeder DataLink™ 3000 is versatile enough to handle both small quizzes and large-volume assments.

  • Price: $2450 (excluding shipping/taxes)

High Speed Scanners

Designed specifically to get more data, faster. These workhorses offer a 99.9% accuracy rate with virtually no intervention.


Small to medium projects. Full sheet duplex scanner. Scans 1800 sheets per hour.



Medium to large projects. Full sheet duplex scanner. Scans 3500 sheets per hour.



Large projects! Full sheet duplex scanner. Scans 6500 sheets per hour.


Already Have a Scanner?

We offer compatible forms at the fraction of the cost of our competitors.
  • Scantron compatible
  • NCS compatible
  • Parscore/Parsurvey compatible
  • General purpose
scantron compat forms

Assessment Software

FREE – digital download/CD/PC and Mac Compatible

Our DataLink™ Connect test-scoring and reporting software is included for FREE with all DataLink scanner purchases.

With Apperson DataLink™ scanners and Connect software you can go beyond the standalone scoring mode and achieve the following:

  • Export data to Excel and to compatible gradebooks/third party applications – Vision TS, NEOGOV, Firefighters in Safety Ed, FPSI, Desire2Learn, Crown Pointe Technologies, and more
  • Create custom learning standards using LOE module – Learning Outcomes Editor
  • Access reports for item analysis, proficiency reports, frequency charts, and more
  • Standard and custom scoring
  • Works with DataLink™ scanners only
Learn more about DataLink™ Connect

A Helpful Presence

Around the world, Apperson is developing partnerships that benefit our business partners as well as local economies. As a result, educators globally are strengthened by tapping into the most reliable and affordable assessment technologies to use in their classrooms.

Doing business in today’s global economy means partnering with distributors for mutual growth and prosperity, within each country. Apperson International is focused on growing a meaningful, mutually beneficial global presence by establishing and nurturing close relationships with global partners.

For over a decade Apperson™ has done business internationally and we are pleased to announce that we have created a dedicated team to focus on the international marketplace.

Commitment to Our Partners

Our promise to you, our international partner, is that we will provide you with top quality products at a competitive price and never sell against you. When we receive inquiries from potential customers in your assigned territory, we will pass those along to you to fill your sales pipeline. Working together we hope to help you grow your education business by offering Apperson test scoring solutions.

We look forward to partnering with you!

Contact Us

Please call or send us a message if you have questions, to find a distributor in your area or to request more information on how to purchase one of our Apperson DataLink products.

International Contact

Steve Kim
f: +1-425-251-1850 ext. 1373

International Headquarters

851 SW 34th Street, Bldg. B
Renton, WA 98057


Apperson International division serves the following regions and customer types including:

  • End-user customers: Non-contiguous US territories- Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.
  • International distributors: Countries located outside of the contiguous USA.
  • USA based international companies with product use at international divisional sites.


  • Int’l pricing applies to all int’l customers.  (USA prices and promotional USA pricing are not applicable to int’l customers)
  • online store ordering is NOT available to international customers.
  • Apperson cannot sell direct to end-user customers in countries where Apperson int’l distributors are already present.
    • Int’l distributor contact information is available upon request.