Experience the Benefits

The DataLink 600 FC is an excellent replacement scanner for the Scantron 888P+ or Score scanner. In addition to scanning DataLink 600 series answer sheets, the DataLink 600 FC was designed to scan Scantron 888P+ and Score answer sheets, providing the same scanning functionality at a much lower cost.

With outstanding features that allow educators to run over 30 formats of low-cost answer sheets, the DataLink 600 FC puts convenience at your fingertips that is both powerful and portable, along with the proven quality of over 40,000 Apperson scanners in use.



An answer for every situation! Daily quizzes, drill & practice exams, common assessments, final exams, benchmark testing, teacher evaluations, student elections, surveys and ballots.


Fast Processing

Provides fast document scanning at up to 35 sheets per minute.


Powerful Analytics

Captures full 6-digit ID field for data collection and reporting.



Scores exams with up to 200 questions (50 questions/pass).



Three pre-programmed multi-function touch pad switches for the ultimate in convenience.

Who Uses the DataLink 600 FC?

Curriculum directors, principals, department heads, and classroom teachers rely on the DataLink 600 FC scanner for fast grading with 100% accuracy. The Apperson 600 FC scanner allows educators to focus on developing curriculum, facilitating learning, and helping students grow professionally, intellectually, and emotionally. This test scanner is the definition of versatility with a wide range of scoring capabilities—from small quizzes to district-wide assessments.

DataLink 600 FC Tech Specs

Cost $1,195
Speed 35 ppm / 2100 pph
Document Transport Manual Feed
Channels 6
Max Student ID 6 digit
Max Questions Per Test 200
Read Head Simplex reflective, pencil read
DataLink Connect Software Yes
PC/Mac Compatible Yes
Stand-Alone Item Analysis Yes
OMR Scanner No
Pre-Mark Software Compatible No
Integrated Bar Code Reader No
Min. Document Size 3 1/2″ x 6″
Max. Document Size 5 1/2″ x 12″
Scanner Dimensions 20″ x 6″ x 7″
Scanner Weight 3 lbs
Printing Type Ink-jet Technology

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