Apperson is a proud vendor for:

Region 3
Special Education Cooperative
Region 3 serves 6 school districts in Illinois.

Region 5
Southeast Texas Purchasing Coop
Region 5 serves the school districts of 6 counties in addition to High Island ISD, Hull-Daisetta ISD, and LaAmistad Love & Learning Academy.
region 5 coop

Region 7
An Education Service Center in Texas
Region 7 serves 96 school districts, 10 charter schools, and 13,305 square miles in 17 East Texas counties.
region 7 coop

Region 9
Education Cooperative in south-central New Mexico
Region 9 serves 9 school districts.
region 9 coop

Region 11
Education Service Center Region 11 Benefits Co-op
region 11 coop

Region 14
An Education Service Center in Texas
Region 14 serves 42 school districts located in 13 counties. There are seven institutions for higher learning including three universities, three colleges, and one technical college in the region.
region 14 coop

Region 15
An Education Service Center in Texas
Region 19 serves 43 school districts and charters.

Region 18
An Education Service Center in Texas
Region 18 serves 33 school districts, 7 charter schools, and 5 institutions of higher education.
region 18 coop

Region 19
An Education Service Center in Texas serving the El Paso Area Allied States Cooperative
Region 19 serves 12 school districts and 7 charter schools.
allied states cooperation

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