• Import-export becomes Apperson’s first vertical market.


  • Houston office opens.
  • Launches customized inventory-control system for customers.
  • Seattle office opens.
  • Company starts manufacturing OMR/bubble scan forms for the education industry.


  • The first Advantage™ test scanner is introduced.
  • Company name is changed to Apperson Print Management Services.
  • New E-Doc division is acquired, which later became known as Digital Technology Services (DTS).
  • The first GradeMaster™ test scanner is introduced.
  • Launches new DataLink™ software to work with scanners to collect data off of paper.
  • Customers place orders via the internet for the first time.
  • DTS expands operations to the east-coast Charlotte facility to cover customers nationwide.
  • July 15, 2005: Apperson Print Management Services celebrates 50 years in business!


  • Company name is changed to Apperson Print Resources
  • Corporate office moves to Cerritos, CA
  • Charlotte and Seattle offices move to more efficient offices to accommodate growing business
  • BenchMark™ auto-feed test scanner is released.
  • Apperson reaches a major milestone in selling 125 million scan forms annually with more than 20,000 scanners sold nationally.

2010 – 2014

  • The personal SideKick test scanner is released.
  • Apperson undergoes a rebrand and changes its corporate name to Apperson and establishes core education brand of DataLink.
  • Apperson launches its first online digital academic assessment platform – DataLink Evo.
  • Apperson partners with Devereux to become the sole publisher of the DESSA which assesses Social and Emotional Learning competencies in the K-8 sector.
  • Apperson launches the first online digital scoring solution for assessing Social and Emotional Learning competencies using the DESSA and DESSA Mini from Devereux.
  • Apperson opens its Ballantyne office to house all their product strategy and development teams.
  • Apperson expands internationally and has distributors in more than 15 countries covering 6 continents.

2014 – 2017

  • Apperson launches its newest cloud-based assessment solution, DataLink Ascend.
  • Apperson partners with Devereux to create its sister company for SEL, Aperture Education.