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Apperson sells over 100,000,000 answer sheets annually, all of which are AccuScan guaranteed.

Explore our answer sheets, ballots, surveys, quizzes and more!

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Desktop Scanners for the Classroom

Designed to meet the needs of every teacher, principal and superintendent. Coupled with powerful software for analytics.

DataLink 600 FC

The portable DataLink 600 scans quickly with 100% accuracy and is the definition of versatility. It has a wide-range of scoring capabilities and places convenience at your fingertips.

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DataLink 1200

The three-pound DataLink 1200 scans on any classroom table, providing immediate digital or printed results from paper tests, anytime.

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DataLink 3000

The auto-feeder DataLink 3000 is versatile enough to handle both small quizzes and large-volume assessments.

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// Apperson’s DataLink Connect Software

Prepare Students for Lifelong Success with DataLink Connect

Test scoring and assessment is only half the battle.  Educators require insight, and our free DataLink Connect software provides it, turning raw data into actionable information.  Improve student learning outcomes while streamlining teacher workflow with DataLink Connect.

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