Sekonic Test Scanners

DataLink 3000


Affordable. Swift. Convenient.

  • Most cost-effective full-page scanner
  • Auto-feed scanner that processes 1,800 sheets/hr
  • Option of one or two sided scanner
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Sheer Accuracy. Fast. Dependable.

  • Auto-feed scanner that processes 3,500 sheets/hr
  • Optional printer
  • Optional select stacker
  • Optional horizontal or vertical bar code reader
  • You get the idea – you have lots of options!
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DataLink 1200
DataLink 3000


Powerful. Versatil. Quick.

  • Auto-feed scanner that processes 5,500 sheet/hr
  • Comes with Select Stacker with printer
  • Optional horizontal or vertical bar code reader
  • This is a great scanner if you have a lot of full-page forms to scan quickly
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Smaller, more affordable option?

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