Unparalleled Features

The 3500 uses OMR technology. This technology, partnered with the benefits listed below, create high-speed, dependable, and automatic test scanning.


Sheer Accuracy

With OMR technology, the 3500 model boasts nearly flawless accuracy with a margin of error of less than 1%.


Ease of Use

The 3500 is completely hands-off, so that you can concentrate on more pressing responsibilities.


Top-Notch Performance

Process 3,500 forms per hour, including full-page forms that have 48 columns, 109 lines, and 5232 markings.


Powerful Upgrades

Double the capacity by adding the duplex read head option that enables the Sekonic 3500 to read both sides of the form in one single pass.


Compatible with DataLink Ascend

Scan your data directly into DataLink Ascend, our cloud-based assessment management solution. Get better exam scoring, reporting, analysis, and communication.

The Sekonic 3500 Is Ideal for…

With fast and easy installation and unparalleled work performance, the Sekonic 3500 is designed for university officials, department heads, and administrative office managers.

If you need to process assessment information quickly and accurately, the Sekonic 3500 is one of the most powerful test scanners on the market.

Sekonic 3500 Tech Specs

Read Head: Single-sided read or Dual-sided read
Document Transport: Auto Feed/Hand Feed
Speed: 59 ppm / 3500 pph
Channels: 48
Automated Document Feeder (ADF): 500 Forms
Form Output Stacker: 500 Forms
Mark Discrimination: 16 steps (256 Degrees)
Mark Implements: Pencil or Optional Pencil + Pen
Mark Position: 5,232 (per each page)
Mark Shapes: Rectangle, Ovals and Circles
Calibration: Automatic
Utility Software (optional*): DataLink Connect, Remark Classic OMR
Printer: Optional
Bar Code Reader: Optional
PC & Mac Compatibility: PC
Min. Document Size: 2.5” x 4.33”
Max. Document Size: 9” x 14”
Scanner Dimensions (W x H x D): 14” x 9” x 22.5”
Scanner Weight: 38 lbs
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