Assessment Software

FREE – digital download/CD/PC and Mac Compatible

Our DataLink™ Connect test-scoring and reporting software is included for FREE with all DataLink scanner purchases.

With Apperson DataLink™ scanners and Connect software you can go beyond the standalone scoring mode and achieve the following:

  • Export data to Excel and to compatible gradebooks/third party applications – Vision TS, NEOGOV, Firefighters in Safety Ed, FPSI, Desire2Learn, Crown Pointe Technologies, and more
  • Create custom learning standards using LOE module – Learning Outcomes Editor
  • Access reports for item analysis, proficiency reports, frequency charts, and more
  • Standard and custom scoring
  • Works with DataLink™ scanners only
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Contact us to learn more!
Contact us to learn more!

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Please call or send us a message if you have questions, to find a distributor in your area or to request more information on how to purchase one of our Apperson DataLink products.

International Contact

Steve Kim
f: +1-425-251-1850 ext. 1373

International Headquarters

851 SW 34th Street, Bldg. B
Renton, WA 98057


Apperson International division serves the following regions and customer types including:

  • End-user customers: Non-contiguous US territories- Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.
  • International distributors: Countries located outside of the contiguous USA.
  • USA based international companies with product use at international divisional sites.


  • Int’l pricing applies to all int’l customers.  (USA prices and promotional USA pricing are not applicable to int’l customers)
  • online store ordering is NOT available to international customers.
  • Apperson cannot sell direct to end-user customers in countries where Apperson int’l distributors are already present.
    • Int’l distributor contact information is available upon request.