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DataLink Ascend is an assessment management solution that combines high-speed scanning and best in class support with a cloud-based platform for exam scoring, reporting, analysis, communication and online testing.

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Simplify Assessment Management with DataLink Ascend

Move beyond the clunky processes demanded by applications that are cumbersome to maintain, painful to update and never seem to work well together.

Cloud-based Platform

Access the latest data, features and updates anytime, anywhere, while minimizing cost and complexity of support.

Scanner Integration

Send results directly to DataLink Ascend from our high speed Sekonic and DataLink scanners for instant reporting and analysis.

Reporting & Analysis

Empower instructors with interactive reports and analysis tools to reach a deeper understanding of student learning and institutional effectiveness.

FERPA Compliant

Everything is password protected and FERPA compliant, ensuring all privacy needs are being met.

Student Learning Outcomes

Easily align assessments with learning outcomes for immediate results.

Answer Key Management

Create, save and reuse answer keys with up to 10 different versions mapping back to one set of results and reports.

Integrated Online Assessment

Create and deliver assessments online, via paper and pencil, or a combination of the two and access all the data in one convenient cloud-based application.

Gradebook Export

Export student scores to your LMS, such as Blackboard, ANGEL, Canvas and D2L.  More gradebooks are also on the way.

Communication Tools

Update instructors and other stakeholders with automated emails containing links to their assessment dashboards, results, reporting, analysis tools and more.

Desktop Scanners Working Your Way at Your Speed.

Providing Big Data for the Instructor With Less Scanning Volume.

DataLink 1200

The three-pound DataLink 1200 scans on any classroom table, providing immediate digital or printed results from paper tests, anytime.

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DataLink 3000

The auto-feeder DataLink 3000 is versatile enough to handle both small quizzes and large-volume assessments.

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Maximize productivity with our flagship Sekonic scanners

Scan through thousands of sheets per hour and send the data directly to DataLink Ascend for instant reporting and analysis.

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Create, Manage and Deliver Assessments

DataLink Ascend’s assessment creation platform and student portal are optimized for the online experience.

Rubric Creator

Build and store rubrics online and use them to grade responses quickly and intuitively.

Student Portal

Optimized for the online experience, supporting passages, images, videos, short answers, essays, optional time limits and more.

Assessment Library

Create, save, print and reuse assessments over time.

Constructed Response

Create short answer, essay and other question types in addition to multiple choice and true/false.

Multi-Media Capability

Include passages, images or videos to enhance question content.

Timed Tests

Set an optional time limit for online assessments.

Assessment Dashboard

View open and completed assessments, grade constructed response questions or view results for any assessment.

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