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3 May 2017

10 Tips for Student Engagement

By | May 3rd, 2017|Classroom Management, K12, Teacher Tips|0 Comments

Keeping your students engaged in the classroom can be a difficult task for any teacher. Check out this great list on some ways you can help make this more effective*! Set the Stage - Atmosphere is critical in helping your students stay engaged. This can range from having colorful bulletin boards and a theme for [...]

29 Mar 2017

Solutions in Ascent: Leveraging Cloud-Based Applications in Education

By | March 29th, 2017|Classroom Management, Higher Education, K12|0 Comments

Education, like most other sectors of the economy, has grappled with a vast array of new tools and technologies that have emerged over the past 10 or 15 years. Amounting to technological adolescence of sorts, the result is often an organic, ad-hoc patchwork of solutions that does not entirely appreciate nor harness the full potential [...]

31 Aug 2016

Why Formative Assessments are Critical for Student Learning

By | August 31st, 2016|Classroom Management, Teacher Tips|0 Comments

It seems we spend a big chunk of the school year focused on summative assessments. From the big end-of-unit and end-of-semester tests to state standardized testing, this drive toward the final test can leave many educators feeling pressured to hurry through the curriculum to make sure they cover all of the material. Taking a moment [...]

31 Aug 2016

6 Quick-Checks for Comprehension

By | August 31st, 2016|Classroom Management, Teacher Tips|0 Comments

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether students are really “getting it” as you move through a unit or lesson. Formative assessments provide in-the-moment insight into student comprehension. Here are six formative assessments that can be administered as you’re teaching to help guide instructional strategies. These assessment ideas also encourage students to take an [...]

29 Aug 2016

16 Teacher Hacks for Making Data Collection a Piece of Cake

By | August 29th, 2016|Classroom Management, Teacher Tips|0 Comments

Collecting data is not necessarily every teacher’s cup of tea, but in today’s teaching climate, it’s definitely a necessity. After all, good data can provide important information to teachers and students and go a long way toward improving teaching and learning. And if keeping track of all the streams of data coming your way is [...]

29 Aug 2016

3 Tips for Effective Data-Driven Decision-Making

By | August 29th, 2016|Classroom Management, Professional Development, Teacher Tips|0 Comments

Data is all around us, and we’ve become experts in using it. From checking customer reviews before purchasing a product, to using a fitness band to monitor our health, we rely on data to make so many decisions in our everyday lives. Data is just as useful in our professional lives, too. When districts implement [...]

23 Aug 2016

7 Classroom Management Apps You Can’t Live Without

By | August 23rd, 2016|Classroom Management|0 Comments

There are so many free and inexpensive technology tools out there to help you manage your classroom but who has the time to go searching for them? We’ve saved you a few precious minutes by compiling this list of seven classroom management apps that will help you engage students, set clear rules and expectations, assist [...]

19 Aug 2016

Diving Into Data to Improve Instruction

By | August 19th, 2016|Classroom Management, Teacher Tips|0 Comments

Data is everywhere. From state assessments to exit tickets, teachers have a constant flow of data coming in. Too little data is rarely the problem. As school leaders, how can we help teachers effectively use all the data they have to better understand each student’s individual progress and learning needs? A good starting place is [...]

17 Aug 2016

First Week Fun

By | August 17th, 2016|Classroom Management, Teacher Tips|0 Comments

The first week of school is critical. What happens in those first few days sets the tone for the rest of the school year. Get off on the right foot with fun, engaging activities that promote social emotional learning skills that will support academic achievement and foster a classroom environment everyone looks forward to coming [...]

15 Aug 2016

3 Games Your Students Will Love That Teach Social & Emotional Skills

By | August 15th, 2016|Classroom Management, Teacher Tips|0 Comments

Social and emotional learning is just as critical to students’ academic achievement and success in college and careers as mastering math, science and reading. Unlike teaching multiplication, teaching social and emotional skills takes a more subtle approach and should be woven into subject area lessons and daily classroom activities. These three games are a great [...]