For years promotional products have been a proven way to promote small business customer growth as a low-cost marketing method. listed some valuable stats around the use of promotional products. Some of them are:

  • In the U.S., 8 out of 10 consumers have one to 10 promotional products
  • 6 out of 10 such consumers keep promotional products with them for up to two years
  • 85% of people do repeat business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional item
  • 31% of U.S consumers own a promotional bag
  • 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser even two years after receiving a promotional product
  • 63% of consumers give away their promotional products when not needed

Some useful gifts and/or promotional products to consider that will continue to engage your customers for months to come are; pens, water bottles, calendars, lip balms, mousepads, umbrellas, and branded bags, just to name a few.

Promotional Product Marketing at Work

Effective Low-Cost Marketing

Custom drink wear

Many small to medium size companies struggle with or don’t have the resources to undertake the overwhelming advertising campaign on a large scale. But they can still achieve their marketing goals with low-cost promotional products campaign. There are many low-cost promotional items for startups. According to, drinkware provides an effective advertising platform as 57% of people were able to recall the advertiser on a ceramic coffee or custom travel mug. These products deliver great value for your investment. You’ll win your customers with this functional giveaway. You can browse and purchase our drinkware options here.

Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition guarantees that your customers can identify your company and its products or services immediately when they spot your logo. Begin the process by outfitting your staff with branded work attire, they are your front-line marketing team. Your branded promotional items further connect your customers to their positive shopping experience. You can browse our variety of apparel options here.

Business Exposure

Bags and Totes for better business exposure

Conventional means of advertising such as print ads, signage, and coupons pass quickly through the consumer’s hand. But statistics show promotional gift items remain in use or in site much longer. For example, your customer uses your branded umbrella on rainy days, they use your branded canvas tote when shopping or, they will drink from your branded water bottle or coffee mug. Such freebies are an excellent way of increasing your business exposure on a daily basis. Apperson has a great selection of bags & totes!

Choosing the Right Products for Your Audience

Choosing the right products for your audience

Consider promotional product gifts that are functional, reusable, and that build positive brand awareness. Make sure that your promotional merchandise is of high-quality and won’t end up at the bottom of a landfill. The gift items should be innovative, well planned and aligned with your business. People will associate the premium quality of the gift items with your quality of business. This will help a lot in keeping the first-time buyers of your products forever. A cleverly thought out promotional campaign using giveaway items should complement your other forms of marketing. This way, your marketing campaign will create a greater impact on the target audience and will help raise your brand’s profile and most importantly drive new and returning business.

You can explore Apperson’s promotional marketing solutions here!