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Courtney joined Apperson in October 2016 as a Marketing Project Coordinator. She is an honors graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Courtney has a degree in English, a minor in journalism, and a certification in professional writing. In her free time, Courtney enjoys reading, binge-watching Netflix, and attempting to lift weights at the gym.
29 Nov 2017

Class Rewards That Don’t Involve Money

By | November 29th, 2017|K12|

Finding ways to reward your students without breaking the bank can sometimes be a challenge. Check out this list of awesome class reward ideas that will not cost you any money! 1. Win a day where you don’t have to wear shoes in the classroom 2. Get to use the teacher’s chair for a day [...]

22 Nov 2017

Using Data to Improve Student Retention

By | November 22nd, 2017|Higher Education|

The “data-clock” has already started ticking. Through this series we have discussed that institutions must be: Standardizing their data infrastructure – Data Warehouse Organizing personnel to work cross-functionally – Train staff to leverage their own data Establishing strong effective data governance - Hold staff accountable for the data Sharing data broadly – Broad access and [...]

15 Nov 2017

Institutional Research Requires a Systematic Approach to Data

By | November 15th, 2017|Higher Education|

There is an enormous amount of data and information that is on our institution and that is starting to now funnel through the IR office, and it can be incredibly difficult to stay ahead of that. Dr. W. Allen Richman, Senior Director for Research for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, walks us through [...]

1 Nov 2017

Using Technology for Just-in-Time Data

By | November 1st, 2017|Higher Education|

Dr. W. Allen Richman, Senior Director for Research for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, focuses on data offices and how they can operate to meet institutional needs. To view the entire webinar, click here! Where to Begin Embrace the chaos of Action Research (think of Blockbuster) Build a data warehouse Establish data governance [...]

25 Oct 2017

Creating Systems for Better Data Analysis

By | October 25th, 2017|Higher Education|

Apperson recently hosted a four-part live webinar series with Dr. W. Allen Richman, Senior Director for Research for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The series focuses on using data to improve your institutional effectiveness. Check out the recap of part one below! The “data-clock” has already started ticking. Institutions must be: standardizing their data [...]

18 Oct 2017

Unexpected Classroom Moments – by a teacher!

By | October 18th, 2017|K12, Teach Talk|

Teaching is a profession you can study and plan for, but is something you can’t fully prepare for except by just diving right in. An anonymous teacher gave us these insightful reflections on what surprised them and what they found to be unexpected in their classroom: “In the first few years I couldn't envision it [...]

11 Oct 2017

Tips for Managing Middle Schoolers

By | October 11th, 2017|Classroom Management, K12|

There are different challenges that come with teaching each grade level. Here are some tips directly from teachers on how they manage their middle school classes. Establish your expectations and teaching procedures Think about how papers and assignments will be distributed in your classroom. How will they be organized? How will students turn things in? [...]

4 Oct 2017

Keeping the Classroom Fresh

By | October 4th, 2017|Classroom Management, K12|

Attempting to work, think, and innovate in a stale environment can be an incredibly difficult task for anyone. Going day-to-day in the same room can make you lose interest and passion in what you’re doing. That’s why getting a change of scenery is so important! Placing yourself into a new, stimulating environment can be one [...]

27 Sep 2017

Tips for Reducing Test Anxiety

By | September 27th, 2017|Classroom Management, K12|

Test anxiety is something that unfortunately affects many students. The fear of not knowing the right information and the fear of failing can be paralyzing. In turn, this can cause students to score lower on an exam even though they may know the course material. To help lower test anxiety in your classroom, try having [...]

20 Sep 2017

15 Book to Movie Adaptations for High School

By | September 20th, 2017|K12|

They say that movies are never as good as the books. Do you agree? Check out this great list of 15 books that have been made into movies and cast your vote! The Road   Their Eyes Were Watching God     Cloud Atlas     The Book Thief     Divergent     The [...]