Teach Talk

2 Jan 2019

Re-engage Students After the Holidays!

The holidays for teachers and students are full of fun distractions and the thought of going back to school after the holiday excitement can be daunting. Getting students back into their normal routine is often a challenge for teachers, students, and parents. Here are some of our helpful tips and tricks you might find helpful [...]

1 Feb 2017

Finding a Balance with Work and Life

Teaching is a very demanding profession, requiring long hours spent reviewing coursework. Between creating lesson plans, grading tests, and reviewing papers, it seems that teachers never get a break. Not to mention the “normal” 40 hours a week they spend teaching in a classroom. It’s no secret that teachers are overworked and underappreciated. But do [...]

30 Aug 2016

5 Ways Technology Has Transformed Learning

First things first, technology hasn’t changed the fundamentals of teaching and learning but it sure has transformed how the classroom looks and the role of teachers in it. From electronic whiteboards and tablets to 3-D interactive models and adaptive learning programs, technology offers so many opportunities to support student learning. In fact, 91% of administrators [...]

26 Aug 2016

Ready, Set, Benchmarking!

Fall is in the air and classrooms are full of new students. While everyone in the room may be in the same grade, students have a diverse set of learning needs. Before diving into the first lesson, teachers need to understand who knows what so they can adjust their instructional plans accordingly. That’s where benchmark [...]

25 Aug 2016

Welcoming Students Back to School

Teachers and other educators play such an important role in students’ academic and social and emotional development. Much research shows that a strong and caring teacher/student relationship can greatly impact students’ success. Here are some ideas on how to lay the groundwork for strong relationships with your students at the start of the new school [...]

25 Aug 2016

10 Back-To-School Hacks

Getting back into a morning routine can be challenging after summer break. With a little planning ahead, you can avoid hectic and stressful mornings. These tips and tricks will help ensure you start each school day at your best. 1. Get a Good Night’s Rest We coach our students to get a good night’s rest [...]

15 Aug 2016

5 Things to Always Have at Your Desk

You’re a pro at organizing your classroom with the latest and greatest school supplies. But there may be a few things you should always have handy that you may be overlooking. Check out these five things that will help you get through the school day a little easier. 1. Emergency Supplies Just like your students, [...]

11 Aug 2016

6 Tips for Creating A+ Quizzes

Pop quiz! What’s a quick way to make sure students are keeping pace with what you’re teaching? Give a quiz! Quizzes provide short, straight-to-the-point checks for comprehension that help you adjust instruction so that everyone in your class stays on track toward mastery. Here are six tips to help you create quizzes that deliver the [...]