Teacher Tips

31 May 2017

Name Brand Stores with Teacher Discounts

Teachers, we know you work hard. Check out our list of retail stores that help support teachers by offering special discounts and promotions. All store discounts in the list have been verified! Banana Republic – 15% off full-priced purchases for both students and teachers, in stores only Barnes & Noble – Sign up for their [...]

3 May 2017

10 Tips for Student Engagement

Keeping your students engaged in the classroom can be a difficult task for any teacher. Check out this great list on some ways you can help make this more effective*! Set the Stage - Atmosphere is critical in helping your students stay engaged. This can range from having colorful bulletin boards and a theme for [...]

8 Mar 2017

How to Write Good Test Questions

Evaluating student performance through tests and assessments plays a large role in measuring student success. The information that educators gain from these help format methods of instruction and advance student learning. Tests and assessments typically fall into three categories: summative, benchmark, and formative. Once you identify and understand the testing category, you can then begin to write your [...]

8 Feb 2017

4 Time-Saving Grading Strategies

It’s Sunday night and you can’t put off the looming pile of assignments you’ve got to grade before morning any longer. We’ve all been there. Grading papers and scoring tests isn’t the most exciting part of teaching, but the data and insight it provides is critical to the learning process. Here are four tips that [...]

1 Feb 2017

Finding a Balance with Work and Life

Teaching is a very demanding profession, requiring long hours spent reviewing coursework. Between creating lesson plans, grading tests, and reviewing papers, it seems that teachers never get a break. Not to mention the “normal” 40 hours a week they spend teaching in a classroom. It’s no secret that teachers are overworked and underappreciated. But do [...]

31 Aug 2016

14 Uplifting Read-Alouds for Tough Testing Days

Testing season can be stressful for students and their teachers! We asked teachers for their favorite positive, motivational, stress-reducing, hard-work-encouraging and just plain fun read-alouds for those bubble-test kinds of days. Here are 14 favorites. 1. An Awesome Book! by Dallas Clayton “This is just a really fun and colorful book about dreaming big for [...]

31 Aug 2016

6 Quick-Checks for Comprehension

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether students are really “getting it” as you move through a unit or lesson. Formative assessments provide in-the-moment insight into student comprehension. Here are six formative assessments that can be administered as you’re teaching to help guide instructional strategies. These assessment ideas also encourage students to take an [...]