There are so many free and inexpensive technology tools out there to help you manage your classroom but who has the time to go searching for them? We’ve saved you a few precious minutes by compiling this list of seven classroom management apps that will help you engage students, set clear rules and expectations, assist with time management and lesson planning, and communicate with students and parents in more effective ways.

1. Traffic Light

This app can be used for behavior management by assigning each color on the light a different task. For example, red=put your supplies away and get ready for the next period; yellow=work quietly at your desk; green= time for group work; and blue=no talking.

2. ClassDojo

“Classroom management is a thing of the past for me: ClassDojo makes it easy to encourage my students for making good choices” That’s just one of the many rave reviews teachers give this behavior management app. The app is also great for sharing important information with parents, including announcements instant messages, and photos. As an added bonus, ClassDojo translates 35 languages and includes easy-to-read behavior reports.

3. Plickers

Poll your class without student devices. You can quickly perform instant checks-for-understanding, exit tickets, and impromptu polls with this handy app. Your data is automatically saved and accessible on the website.

4. Smart Seat

Quickly create seating charts, record/export attendance, randomly select students, record notes on students, and store student photos.

5. Class Act

This intuitive app is helps teachers assess students’ progress throughout a lesson. Monitoring is conducted by tapping the screen as students’ progress, and colors are used to help easily identify students in need of extra support.

6. Best Sand Timer

Time any event (up to 60 minutes) with this time-keeper app. A beautiful display helps students know how much time is remaining for the task.

7. Teacher’s Kit

Secondary teachers will love this app because it allows you to organize multiple classrooms and students. Features include managing attendance records, importing student rosters, creating seating charts, tracking behavior notes and grades, and more!

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