The first week of school is critical. What happens in those first few days sets the tone for the rest of the school year. Get off on the right foot with fun, engaging activities that promote social emotional learning skills that will support academic achievement and foster a classroom environment everyone looks forward to coming to all year long!

Improving Attitudes

Students with positive attitudes about learning have greater motivation to learn and are more committed to productive school and classroom behavior. Here are a few ideas on how to promote learning in a positive way that will get your students ready and excited to learn.

Decrease Negative Behaviors

Students will be less likely to engage in disruptive behaviors if they play a role in defining the classroom rules and the consequences for breaking a rule. Set the right tone the first week of school with a group activity to define the rules. Be sure to outline goals to help your students stay on-track throughout the year.

Promote Prosocial Behaviors

Research shows that students who have strong and supportive relationships with teachers and other educators are more likely to achieve academically. Show your students that you care about them, and they will be much more likely to engage in learning. These activities provide ideas for building strong relationships with your students from day one.

  • Connect with your students and build trusting relationships with these five activities.
  • Discover how you can take a few minutes each morning to meet as a class so you can catch up with one another in a meaningful way.

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