We are very excited to be hosting a free four-part live webinar series with Dr. W. Allen Richman, Senior Director for Research for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education! All registrants will receive a free 6-month trial of Apperson’s cloud-based assessment solution, DataLink Ascend, and a lucky ten attendees will receive a free year-long pilot.

Webinar 1 – Creating Systems for Better Data Analysis
Thursday, September 7, 2pm Eastern Time

Colleges and universities are increasingly relying on data analysis for everything they do – from retention to accreditation. Therefore, they must have the infrastructure and systems in place to gather and analyze this data. Dr. Richman will discuss how to systemize processes within administration so everyone knows who is handling which tasks, and bigger-picture issues of technology and system integration on campus.

Webinar 2 – Using Technology to Work Smarter
Wednesday, September 27, 2pm Eastern Time

Colleges and universities are being asked to produce data faster than ever before. In order to meet this growing demand, they must adopt systematic approaches to data collection – approaches that integrate different technologies to share that data efficiently and quickly. Dr. Richman will discuss this challenge and offer solutions that participants can implement at their own colleges or universities.

Webinar 3 – Institutional Research Requires a Systematic Approach to Data
Thursday, October 19, 2pm Eastern Time

There has been a change in institutional research, however only some institutions have been paying attention to it.  Institutional research requires instant access to data that includes a range and breadth not available without the right technologies. Dr. Richman will provide the insight needed to join the new era of institutional research.

Webinar 4 – Using Data to Improve Student Retention
Wednesday, November 8, 2pm Eastern Time

In higher education, there is a heightened focus on student retention – and on using data to monitor student retention and completion over time. Dr. Richman will discuss the shift in higher education from merely counting students, to tracking their progress over time and how colleges and universities can use data to help students stay in school and earn a degree.

If you can’t make the webinar, register anyway! All registrants will receive a recorded copy of the webinar after the live event. We can’t wait to see you there!