Apperson recently launched a new software solution to help schools and test-prep centers better prepare students for the ACT and SAT tests. DataLink ACT/SAT allows educators and test-prep instructors to quickly scan in and grade the practice test answer sheets, and analyze the results so they can help students prepare for these high-stakes tests.

The software works with Apperson’s DataLink 1200 scanners and its ACT and SAT practice test forms. After administering the practice test, users simply scan in the answer sheets. DataLink ACT/SAT immediately converts the answers into powerful data that schools can use to maximize student outcomes. DataLink ACT/SAT can be purchased by itself or as part of a bundle with the scanner and practice test forms. For more information, visit:

“The number of students taking the ACT and SAT tests is growing,” said Bill Apperson, chairman of the board of Apperson. ”Most colleges and universities require students to take these tests and the Every Student Succeeds Act allows them to be used as end-of-year exams in high school. In order to best help students prepare, schools and test centers need immediate access to the test data so they can best help students. We introduced DataLink ACT/SAT to support schools and test centers that are working to help students improve their chances of success on these high-stakes tests.”

The creation of DataLink ACT/SAT is part of Apperson’s ongoing work to provide services and solutions to assess performance and measure success in K-12 and higher education.