It’s easy to get burnt out right before a holiday break. Now that we’re back from a long weekend, it can be difficult for you and your students to get back into the swing of things. Here are some tips on how to keep your momentum up and running.

  1. Give students some time to talk and share stories about their break.
  2. Review classroom rules and expectations.
  3. Focus on review for the first day back. Don’t go over anything too heavy, but enough to keep you and your students occupied.
  4. Plan an easier lesson for the first few days back. Ease your way into the next lesson instead of diving right in. This helps the students as well as yourself.
  5. Re-engage students with icebreakers and other fun games. Free download here!
  6. Have you and your students set goals. These can be individual goals, or for the classroom as a whole.
  7. Keep MLK and Presidents’ Day on your horizon; it gets easier the rest of the way through June!