Welcome to another installment of our customer success stories! Today we’re featuring Sarah Brown, one of our K-12 sales reps.

“I love hearing how our products can be beneficial to educators, regardless of what role they may play in their school or district. It excites me to hear an Assistant Principal say, ‘After using your equipment and available practice tests, our high school saw an 8-point gain in our ACT proficiency rating.’

I always like when a Curriculum Coordinator says ‘Yes, we are using DataLink Connect and we love the reports that we are able to obtain!’ Having worked with educators for many years, it feels good to know that our products give them the ability to identify Areas of Strength/Weakness so quickly, and that they have the time to bring students that aren’t proficient up to a proficient level prior to high stakes testing.

I think what I like the best is when teachers inform me of new ways to use our products, ways that I never even thought about before. I received a call one day from a Technology Director at a high school in Virginia. He was expressing how pleased the staff was that they could obtain instant data.  He let me know that the staff loved our products so much, they were going to purchase two more scanners.

He then described a History teacher at the school who gives the same test three times a year and wanted to create a comparison report and use the data when submitting his evaluation to show the students’ improvement. I told him that I believed it was possible and put him in contact with our Product Support department. Who would have thought about an individual teacher taking data that was supplied from one of our solutions and using that data for evaluation purposes? Teachers never fail to impress and inspire me with their innovative thinking!”

Meet Your Team!

Sarah Brown

Sarah began as a part-time file clerk in May of 1990. In July of 1990, she accepted a position in the customer service department, where she remained for 12 years. Due to a long commute, Sarah left Apperson for a short period of time, but quickly realized that her passion was working at Apperson and with educators. She returned to Apperson in February of 2005 where she has held a sales position for 13 years.

With 25 years of experience, Sarah enjoys discussing how schools can use data that is obtained during the scoring of assessments, and then turn that data into a beneficial reporting tool, to use for individual teacher accountability purposes. Having five grandchildren ranging in age from 3-8 years old, Sarah doesn’t have a lot of spare time. However, she has made time to enroll in college, where she is currently taking night classes.