It’s the start of a new school year, and you have a whole new classroom of students to teach. Before you jump into your curriculum, take a moment to consider the benefits of administering a pre-test to your class.

Having the ability to quickly see what a student knows at the beginning of the year is important in understanding what areas allow for the most improvement and where to direct instruction. The pre-test can then become an introduction to what students are going to learn, rather than a final judgment on what they did not.

Pre-tests also provide the ability to independently measure a student’s growth throughout the year. A recent study found that in a live classroom, pre-testing raised performance on final-exam questions by an average of 10% compared with a control group.

With Apperson’s DataLink Connect, educators can control this data themselves and see and track student improvement over time. By using our data-enabled test scanners, you can quickly grade student assessments and then use our free DataLink Connect software to analyze the results. This data is timely and easy-to-use, making it efficient for student feedback and informed instruction.

Pre-tests don’t have to be painful. Set your students, and yourself, up for success by administering a pre-test before your instruction begins. Then, you can make informed decisions regarding your curriculum and help set your students on the path to success!