The holidays for teachers and students are full of fun distractions and the thought of going back to school after the holiday excitement can be daunting. Getting students back into their normal routine is often a challenge for teachers, students, and parents. Here are some of our helpful tips and tricks you might find helpful for re-engaging your students:

Start fresh!

The post-holiday transition is much easier if you’re not still working on projects from before break. By starting with a new lesson, project, or activity you won’t have to waste time reviewing old topics. Instead, your students can put 100 percent attention into learning something new.

Review classroom rules and routine!

It can be just as important to re-establish classroom rules and routine in January as it is at the beginning of the school year. This is also a good way to check in with your students to see how well they’re retaining what they’ve learned.

Baby steps!

Easing back into learning is essential. Although the holidays are fun and exciting, students might also have a lot of down time over the holidays. Hopefully teachers and students return from break feeling refreshed – so try to avoid teaching too much right off the bat. The key is to avoid anything too heavy while also keeping your students occupied and engaged.

Use icebreakers to your advantage!

Icebreakers are a great way to re-engage your students. Having elementary students share what they did over winter break by creating a collage is a great way to refocus their brains from winter break mode, back to learning mode. Click here for free downloadable back to school activities.

Set goals!

January is the start of a new year, a new unit, and the second half of the school year. This is great time for you an your students to set new academic, personal, and social goals. Click here for a free downloadable goal setting worksheet that will help your students set new goals for 2019!