March 20th marks the first day of spring. Here are a few fun activities on how to incorporate spring into your classroom!

Tissue Paper Flowers – by Buggy & Buddy
These are an easy and inexpensive classroom activity!
What you’ll need: glue, colored tissue paper, construction paper, scissors

  1. Crumple tissue paper into a ball
  2. Glue about four balls onto paper (or one larger ball)
  3. Add glue around first set of balls so you can continue to add tissue paper
  4. Repeat until happy with size of your flower
  5. Cut a long strip of green construction paper for the stem
  6. Glue together, and let it dry!      

Sketch a Tree
This activity focuses on writing skills in addition to creativity!
What you’ll need: pencil, paper, paint supplies

  1. Have students go outside and each pick a tree
  2. Have them write a description of their tree (color, height, width, leaves, etc.)
  3. Have students go inside and paint tree based upon their written description
  4. Wait a few days and then have them go outside with painting and find their tree!

Colored Carnations—by KidZone Science
KidZone Science has great printable activity sheets about plant structure to go along with this!
What you’ll need: white carnations, food coloring, flower vases (or cups), water

  1. Fill vase ¼ full of water
  2. Add food coloring (10-20 drops)
  3. Place flower in vase and let sit for a day
  4. Check back every few hours and watch it change!