Coming up with new and interesting ways to present subject matter can sometimes be a challenge. Instead of defaulting to lecture mode, consider some of these other methods!

Flip your classroom. Have them do an edpuzzle if you have access to laptops.

Pair and group work activities. Whole class activities can be a bit slow and that’s when teachers slip into lecture mode. Sometimes it’s necessary of course, but ask questions (Socratic method keeps asking why) at least. Or have students sign up to teach a concept as part of the lesson each week; they can prepare at home and hopefully make their own lessons fun.

Choice boards. You teach a basic concept then let the students have the choice of what activity they want to do. Differentiation can work extremely well.

Online resources. Quizlet, Khan Academy, and TeacherTube all offer individual ideas that students can use to begin learning a subject.

Do you have another method that works for you and your students? Share with us in the comments section!