Bill AppersonAs Chairman of Apperson, I welcome you to our newly re-designed web site! As you visit our site, I am sure you’ll find your experience informative and rewarding. We hope it becomes a favorite destination as a place to learn and share.

Our new site also incorporates the culmination of a re-branding effort many months in the making. You’ll notice our logos and colors have changed, representing Apperson’s ever-changing growth and a representation of our vision and forward-looking nature. As we enter our 60th year, we continue to bring innovative products to market for educators and business leaders alike. Our products are designed to help our partners make sound decisions by turning their data into useful, actionable information that can be used to benefit students, organizations and companies.

This idea informs our new tagline, Know More. Be More. At Apperson, we understand that understanding is the key to unleashing the potential in both individuals and organizations. The hope for future improvement can only be realized through accurate assessment and thoughtful consideration of areas for on-going development. Apperson’s products supply the insight needed to allow for this lifelong process of enrichment.

The spirit of innovation we embrace can best be seen in our K12 products. For the past 25 years, Apperson has helped the educational community better understand their students with our scanners and test sheets, streamlining workflow for teachers while providing the assessment data required for student growth. Now, Apperson expands upon this legacy with our groundbreaking, cloud-based platform, Apperson Evo.

Apperson Evo contains two modules, one that focuses on academic assessment while the other measures social-emotional strengths in students. As with all of our products, Evo is built with the user’s functionality and experience in mind, and offers a wealth of features that make the transformation of data into information easier and more convenient than ever before.

More importantly, the two Evo modules help educators identify the whole child. Whole Child is a concept and educational practice that realizes student success is the result of many, inter-dependent factors. Social-emotional strengths and academic achievement have been scientifically proven to be correlated, and Evo’s one-of-a-kind platform provides essential comprehension in both areas, providing potent new tools that empower teachers to change lives.

We are proud to be at the forefront in educational assessment. Know More. Be More. Nowhere is our philosophy more relevant or critical than in the classroom. Education, and the acquiring of knowledge, are the essential building-blocks to create not only the hope for lifelong success and happiness in individuals, but the formation of an enlightened and civilized world that values innovation, integrity, passion, respect, and teamwork.

From all of us at Apperson, thank you for visiting our web site, and taking the time to learn more about our company, our products, our values and our mission. And please come back often to visit our on-going blog posts from important and influential actors in the educational, thought-leadership space, as well as lots of useful and relevant information at our new and expanding content hub.

Best Regards – Bill Apperson