Our most frequent question from our customers is “which form should I choose?” The most important thing to keep in mind is that not all forms work in all machines. People often think of our product as a “Scantron”. Scantron™ is a company that has a variety of scanners that may or may not run the same form.

We here at Apperson also have scanners of our own, that may or may not run the same forms. So, by saying you’re looking for a “Scantron™” form and not delving any deeper is a pretty good recipe for standing in front of your scanner and getting an error message, probably when grades are due tomorrow.

Follow these steps to find the right form:

Step 1: If you would like us to help, please contact us at clientservices@apperson.com, call us at 800.827.9219 or use the Live Chat feature in the lower right hand corner.

Step 2: If you have a form that you already like and you know it works on your scanner, look for a re-order number on the form. See the highlighted re-order numbers in the image below. Once you’ve found the correct re-order number go to our store and enter it into our Keyword Search.

Step 3: You can also search by scanner. There should be a name and model number on yours.

  • If you have a Scantron™ 888P, Scantron™ 888P+, Scantron™ Score, or a Datalink 600-FC (formerly known as GradeMaster 600 FC) click here
  • Advantage or DataLink 1200 (formerly known as the Advantage 1200): click here
  • GradeMaster or DataLink 600 (formerly known as the GradeMaster 600) click here
    • These forms can also be scored by the versatile DataLink 600-FC, which runs these as well as many Scantron™ style forms
  • DataLink 3000 (formerly known as the Benchmark 3000) click here
  • If you have a Sentry 2050 ®, iNSight®, OpScan® or a SelfScore® click here
  • Looking for Parscore/Parsurvey? click here

Step 4: If none of these match, try looking here or please contact us. Our trained client services team will help find you the right form.

Final Questions:

  1. Am I going to scan this into a computer? If so, make sure you have a form that matches your Student ID field needs.
  2. Is this for a test, ballot or a survey?
  3. What is the answer pattern? For example, ABCDE or 12345.
  4. How many questions?

We hope this helped. If you have any questions or maybe you want a form customized for your needs, please contact us.