You’re a pro at organizing your classroom with the latest and greatest school supplies. But there may be a few things you should always have handy that you may be overlooking. Check out these five things that will help you get through the school day a little easier.

1. Emergency Supplies

Just like your students, it’s really difficult for you to be your best when you’re battling a headache or hunger pains. Keep a little emergency kit at your desk that includes Tylenol, cough drops, Emergen-C packets, chocolate, hand lotion, water, and an energy bar or two.

2. Student Supplies Center

A good way to keep students on-track in their classwork is by having a Student Supplies Center. Fill a basket or container with extra supplies that are just for your students to use. Include things like tape, glue, a stapler, a three-hole punch, extra paper, rulers, red ink pens, etc. Let students know that these materials are for them to use but any items that are not in the basket are yours and are off limits.

3. Extra Phone Charger

This will be a lifesaver on those days when you ran out of the house without your charger and a cell phone that’s nearly out of juice.

4. Paper Grade Book and Attendance Record

Many schools have come to rely solely on digital grade and attendance sheets. Although it’s a bit of extra work, having a paper version as a back-up can come in handy. Easily solve attendance or grade disputes by pulling out your personal paper records.

5. An “I Need to Smile” Folder

All teachers have at least a few extra-challenging days. Keep a folder in your desk to help cheer yourself up when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Add things like notes or cute artwork from your students, uplifting news or magazine articles, special photos, positive reviews from your principal, etc. Give yourself a confidence boost on a bad day by looking through the folder and reminding yourself why you became a teacher.

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