We asked our teachers about their favorite ways to relax. We see a bit of a trend with the bubble baths and wine! Check out this list and see what appeals to you.

“Steaming hot baths with an aromatherapy shower bomb!”

“I get together with my colleagues for dinner a few times a year. It is so good to get together and truly enjoy each other’s company.”

“Hot bubble bath and a glass of wine!”

“Taking time out by going to the day spa and pamper myself with a massage or a nice relaxing soak a hot bath after a long day in the classroom.”

“I read for fun right before bed.”

“I like to go home and play with my four dogs. Some like to go for a walk while the big one insists on riding in the back of our 4-wheeled mule😂”

“I relax on the couch with a glass of wine.”

“I wait until everyone is asleep and then I take my iPad into the bathroom and enjoy a hot bath in peace and quiet watching Netflix!”

“I treat myself to a one-hour massage”

“I relax by sipping a hot cup of coffee and binge-watching Netflix.”

“I take my camera for a walk in the forest.”

“I like to make things with my hands. I love cooking and I enjoy just hanging out.”

“Wine, wine, wine, my favorite tv shows, and maybe another glass of wine! :)”

“By crocheting and reading.”

“Soft music and aromatherapy after a brisk walk.”

“Spend the weekends enjoying time with my family. During the week it’s usually a Vanilla Chai and a good book.”

“Taking time to watch a good movie!”

“Massages and trips to the casino:)”

“I relax by having fun with my husband and boys on weekends!”

“I like to relax during the school year by reading, camping, taking walks and spending time with family.”

“Put my feet up after a long day of teaching and listen to some Jazz music. Also take an aromatherapy bath with Lavender and peppermint oil.”

What is your go-to relaxation method? Share with us in the comments section below!