So your students have Spring Fever. Don’t worry, it’s totally natural and no reflection on you as an educator. There’s no way to stop it, beautiful weather makes everyone stir crazy, but you can control it through preparation and understanding.

As a company of teachers, for teachers, we’re here to help. Introducing Five Ways to Deal With Spring Fever in the Classroom:

Pairs > Groups

There is power in numbers, even in the classroom. For that reason, it’s prudent to have the class work in pairs versus groups. A pair provides an opportunity for collaboration while still holding students accountable. A group of three or four, on the other hand, provides an opportunity for distraction.

Keep It Moving

Kids need to move. If you don’t facilitate it, they’ll wiggle, poke, pick, and play while you’re trying to teach. Get everyone involved by asking questions and having your students jump high, wiggle their ears, or touch their toes in response. If a classroom activity requires more than 15 minutes of sitting still, you need to rethink that activity. You must get the blood flowing to keep the knowledge flowing.

Shared Responsibility

Every classroom has a few kids that cannot be still. Of course it’s nothing personal, but they’re instigators, and their behavior can set the whole class into a laughing, joking frenzy. Take care of the problem by giving those students special duties. If you can get them focused on something other than their next shenanigan, you can keep the entire class under control.

Brief Activities

Be realistic. Spring is not the time to dive into a 500-page novel or month-long project. Incorporate brief and engaging activities into the lesson plan. Pack in as much movement and hands-on exploration as possible. If you can match the classroom’s extra energy, you can keep students focused, and most importantly — learning.

End-Of-Year Theme

Change the classroom routine by setting an end-of-year theme. Maybe all your students are pirates and they have to get their work done to find the buried treasure. Perhaps they’re super heroes, and finishing assignments and using good manners equates to fighting crime. You’d be surprised what a little fun and imagination can do to boost productivity during that home stretch into summer.

Have something to add? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Together, we can wrap up a successful school year and take full advantage of Summer Break.