Higher Education

14 Nov 2019

Which Multiple Choice Form is Right For You?

Our most frequent question from our customers is “which form should I choose?” The most important thing to keep in mind is that not all forms work in all machines. People often think of our product as a “Scantron”. Scantron™ is a company that has a variety of scanners that may or may [...]

5 Sep 2018

Engaging Students with Assessment Analytics

Every exam and quiz given provides data that can be used to inform students of their academic standing. Using frequent formative assessments helps engage students with their learning, which can also lead to increased retention rates. Many institutions are gathering data only once a semester through summative assessments. This practice is not helpful for the [...]

25 Jul 2018

Big data – you’ve got it, now what?

The adoption of big data in higher education has been relatively slow due, in part, to privacy concerns.  The sheer volume of information can also be overwhelming. Institutions may not know how to best harness and make sense of such large amounts of data. But the big data trend is just beginning. A 2016 Forbes [...]

22 Nov 2017

Using Data to Improve Student Retention

The “data-clock” has already started ticking. Through this series we have discussed that institutions must be: Standardizing their data infrastructure – Data Warehouse Organizing personnel to work cross-functionally – Train staff to leverage their own data Establishing strong effective data governance - Hold staff accountable for the data Sharing data broadly – Broad access and [...]

16 Sep 2015

A Worthy Mission: Serving Higher Education

I’ve been the Product Strategist for Apperson’s academic assessment solutions for two years now. In that time, Apperson has gone through an incredible amount of change, much of which has been driven by this 60-year-old family company’s ongoing adaptation to technological change and its impact on the markets we serve. While that kind of change [...]

31 Aug 2015

Apperson Expands Its Higher-Ed Solutions

Comprehensive service supports the creation, delivery, scoring, and analysis of online or paper-based exams Charlotte, N.C. – August 13, 2015 - Assessment leader Apperson has expanded its solutions for higher education with Evo Academics for Scan Centers, a new assessment management solution designed specifically for colleges and universities. The solution combines high-speed scanning and best-in-class [...]