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1 Mar 2017

Prepping for the SAT and ACT

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The SAT and ACT are two of the biggest exams a student will take. The importance of these exams can create a lot of stress for students, knowing the weight that these will play in their future. Currently, 25 states require students to take either the SAT or ACT, and 12 states use them for [...]

22 Feb 2017

Resource Challenged: The Classroom’s Bare Supply Closet – Part I

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Back-to-school supply shopping is never a fun experience for parents. But it’s essential to send children to school prepared and set up for success. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Studies show that many students are coming to school unprepared and that teachers are paying out of their own pockets to help bridge the gap. [...]

15 Feb 2017

Measuring Student Success

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Measuring student success is a vital course-of-action for educators. It is imperative that teachers can receive data for classroom test averages as well as individual scores in order to assess the needs of the students. Let’s talk about why. First off, this information allows teachers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the entire classroom [...]

8 Feb 2017

4 Time-Saving Grading Strategies

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It’s Sunday night and you can’t put off the looming pile of assignments you’ve got to grade before morning any longer. We’ve all been there. Grading papers and scoring tests isn’t the most exciting part of teaching, but the data and insight it provides is critical to the learning process. Here are four tips that [...]

1 Feb 2017

Finding a Balance with Work and Life

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Teaching is a very demanding profession, requiring long hours spent reviewing coursework. Between creating lesson plans, grading tests, and reviewing papers, it seems that teachers never get a break. Not to mention the “normal” 40 hours a week they spend teaching in a classroom. It’s no secret that teachers are overworked and underappreciated. But do [...]

15 Dec 2016

Apperson Helps Students Prepare for the SAT and ACT with new Practice Test Forms that Mimic the Tests

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Press release created by KEH Dec 13, 2016. Testing sheets are compatible with the DataLink 1200 scanner giving schools detailed analysis and reporting through DataLink Connect Software In many states, high school juniors are required to take the ACT or SAT test. Assessment leader Apperson is helping schools prepare students for these important tests by [...]

18 Mar 2016

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

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Spring is the season for new beginnings. The weather gets warmer. The daytime gets longer. Trees grow new leaves and flowers bloom to brighten everything in sight. For teachers, the season provides a perfect opportunity to redecorate the classroom and incorporate fun, fresh activities into the lesson plan. In an effort to spread some springtime [...]

29 Sep 2015

Offering Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Intervention Strategies

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Teachers and out-of-school staff now have proven methods to enrich their SEL climate and instruction Charlotte, N.C. – Sept. 29, 2015 – Research indicates that social and emotional learning (SEL) programs can have a positive impact on student achievement. Now, Apperson is adding to the intervention strategies available in its SEL assessment system Evo Social [...]

16 Sep 2015

Afterschool Programs “Role” with Social and Emotional Learning: Update

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In August, we hosted a webinar with the United Way of Greater Cincinnati and reviewed the most recent results of their community impact study. As we expected, our audience for this webinar was diverse and featured both schools and out of school time programs. The idea of a strong SEL focus where kids “Live, Work [...]

12 Aug 2015

Seeking High Schools to Help with the National Standardization of the DESSA – High School Edition

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Educators, schools and districts can be a part of making the gold standard of social-emotional competencies assessments available for grades 9-12 Charlotte, N.C. – August 10, 2015 – Research has scientifically confirmed that social and emotional learning (SEL) programs have a positive impact on student achievement, and the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) is widely [...]