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23 Aug 2018

Importance of Pre-Tests

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It’s the start of a new school year, and you have a whole new classroom of students to teach. Before you jump into your curriculum, take a moment to consider the benefits of administering a pre-test to your class. Having the ability to quickly see what a student knows at the beginning of the year [...]

8 Aug 2018

5 Benefits of School Spirit Wear

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School spirit apparel is a great thing to offer for a multitude of reasons. Check out our list below and see why you need to get involved! Increase School Spirit Show your pride in your school and your community. You can even have specified spirit wear days or spirit week to increase engagement. This is [...]

11 Jul 2018

Apperson Launches DataLink ACT/SAT to Help Students Prepare for High-Stakes Tests

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Apperson recently launched a new software solution to help schools and test-prep centers better prepare students for the ACT and SAT tests. DataLink ACT/SAT allows educators and test-prep instructors to quickly scan in and grade the practice test answer sheets, and analyze the results so they can help students prepare for these high-stakes tests. The software works [...]

6 Jun 2018

Apperson Customer Success Stories – part III

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Apperson's customer success stories mini-series continues below with insights from Gretchen and Sandy, two of our K12 team members! "I’ve worked for Apperson for 5 ½ years and can honestly say it’s one of the best jobs I’ve had.  The people are wonderful and everyone works so well together.  It’s fun to come to work [...]

2 May 2018

Apperson Customer Success Stories – part II

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Welcome to another installment of our customer success stories! Today we're featuring Sarah Brown, one of our K-12 sales reps. “I love hearing how our products can be beneficial to educators, regardless of what role they may play in their school or district. It excites me to hear an Assistant Principal say, 'After using your [...]

18 Apr 2018

Apperson Customer Success Stories

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We are excited to introduce a new mini-series featuring some of our customer success stories. Please read on to find out why Apperson has superior customer service and hear what our customers have to say! "I had a school Principal call extremely upset because they had just administered a benchmark test to over 200 students [...]

4 Apr 2018

Measuring Student Engagement to Improve Instruction

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There are three types of student engagement: behavioral, emotional, and cognitive. All three are important to analyze and understand in order to help improve your instruction in the classroom. We must accept that not all students are engaged at all times. However, it is important to keep everyone as engaged as possible. Engagement is key [...]

14 Mar 2018

Technology Based Formative Assessments

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Formative assessments are necessary to evaluate student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a specific lesson or unit.  There are many different approaches to gathering the information needed to guide teacher instruction. Some commonly used online resources for formative assessments include Pear Deck, Quizziz, Kahoot, Nearpod, and Quizlet Live. We’re going to delve a little [...]

7 Feb 2018

Necessity of ACT and SAT Test Prep

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The ACT and SAT are stressful exams for high school students. No exam can truly tell a future institution all aspects of each student. They do, however, help colleges and universities ensure their newest classes are well rounded and prepared to succeed in their future.  Preparing students for the nationwide exams is important for teachers [...]

17 Jan 2018

Advice for New Teachers

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Walking into your new classroom can be intimidating, especially if it's your first time teaching. Here are some tips (directly from teachers) to keep in mind as you get adjusted in your classroom. Breathe. Don't try to be "cool" but don't be afraid to show your personality. Breathe some more. Be prepared to wing it. [...]