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Apperson’s ACT/SAT is designed to help in-school educators and ACT/SAT prep centers quickly grade and review practice ACT and SAT tests. This premium bundle combines our newest software, DataLink ACT/SAT, with the custom ACT and SAT designed forms and scored with the DataLink 1200 test scoring machine. Educators can use this premium bundle to help students prepare for their upcoming ACT and SAT assessments by practicing with our aligned SAT tests and ACT tests. With the passage of ESSA, states now have the option of using nationally recognized tests such as the ACT and SAT in lieu of state-created end of year exams.

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Explore DataLink ACT/SAT’s Robust Feature Set

Apperson’s DataLink ACT/SAT converts pencil marks into pixels … and then into powerful data.

Test Replication

Our ACT and SAT practice forms mimic the tests students will take during their actual exams. Sections are broken out in the same order as the actual tests, helping students prepare for their test day.

Practice the Way you Play

It is recommended that your students practice the test the way they take it. Our forms mimic the SAT sections and the ACT tests.

ACT Practice Tests

Our program has a fully aligned ACT practice test available here. The answer key is available by filling out this form.

SAT Practice Tests

Our program has fully aligned answer keys for the eight full length SAT practice tests available from the College Board website, available here.  The keys are available by filling out this form.


Given your limited amount of time, how can you make the biggest impact? DataLink ACT/SAT gives you the data you need to maximize student outcomes.

Reports Available

Our DataLink ACT/SAT program quickly accesses the following reports:
  • Subscore Alignment
  • Subscore
  • Subscores with Sections Report
  • Visual Item Analysis
  • Item Analysis
  • SAT Section Scores
  • Section Question Alignment
  • Section Scores

At this time the SAT/ACT software only works with PC based computers. Mac software coming soon.

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ACT/SAT DataLink 1200 Bundle

For a limited time we are offering our Datalink 1200 and our ACT/SAT Software available at the special bundle price of $1045.00.  This bundle includes:

ACT DataLink 1200 Bundle
SAT DataLink 1200 Bundle


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